Chief William McIntosh Jr.

A History and

 Genealogy of Chief William McIntosh Jr.

and his known descendants

My name is Bill Boatmun, I have two blood lines back to Chief William McIntosh, my great grandfather Thomas McIntosh (bloodline to the Chief by way of his son, Chilly McIntosh) married his 2 cousin once removed, Kate Casey (bloodline to the Chief by way of his son, Louis McIntosh).

Bill Boatmun A.K.A. McIntosh (Leonard Thomas, John Lewis, Thomas Fred, William Fredrick, Chillicothe "Chilly," Chief William McIntosh Jr.)

Also Bill Boatmun A.K.A. McIntosh (Leonard Thomas, John Lewis McIntosh, Catherina "Kate" Casey, Julia (McIntosh) Casey, William Rogers McIntosh, Louis McIntosh, Chief William McIntosh Jr.)


Everyone is welcome, you do not need to be a descendant of Chief William McIntosh to participate. Your input is welcome also. Please sign the Guest book.

The purpose of this site is to share genealogical data, biographies, historical sketches and photographs of our Scottish/Creek ancestors and to establish and promote our heritage as descendants of Creek Chief William McIntosh Jr.

McIntosh Family Tree

The McIntosh Family Tree is an on going project which includes over 35,000 individuals and is still growing. Click the Family Tree button to view.

If you would like to add your family genealogy information to this database please include your family information in an e-mail to me. It's that simple!

Creek Census of 1971

The census was taken for the purpose of receiving PER CAPITA FUNDS, Docket 276: Based on alleged takings of property belonging to the Creek Nation by the United States Government in the 1800's.

The census is not all inclusive of the Muscogee (Creek) people, it only reflects those people who applied for the PER CAPITA FUND, even so, there are 50,286 names listed alphabetically.

Campbell's Abstract and Index, Indian and Freedman

Campbell's Abstract of Creek Indian Census Cards and Index, (Dawes Enrollment Cards database) this wonderful work shows the enrollment card and enrollment number of each Creek Indian as it was recorded by the Dawes Commission, along with the Freedman.

The Creek Indian section index is located from pages 270-407.

The Creek Freedman section index is located from pages 142-218.


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